Gorillas Music

Gorilla Music is an affiliate company of Mstar inc. Gorilla Music was established in 2017 by three musicians who had been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The President is a former musician and a business man. He built many successful businesses, both domestic and international. All the founders share the same goal and vision: to bring newly-discovered international artists to prominence in the U.S. market and the world. We want to change the music industry by giving opportunities to new artists who are from different parts of the world, and to give them a chance to become the next shining star in America. We want to see the new generation exchange and acknowledge different cultures, using music as a path.

Gorilla Music approaches unique artists that will bring new, revolutionized music to the world. Every artist under the Gorilla music label is carefully selected as the best in genre to meet the demand of new generations.