At BBQ Yummy, our mission is to make sure that the legacy of over 50 years is kept alive. We are determined to share the secret recipe that was passed down to us for over 5 generations. Our one-of-a-kind yummy recipe that changes the way BBQ tastes with its tender meat will melt in your mouth. We usually marinade our meat for over 24 hours in herb and spice seasoning. We get our meat directly and freshly from our partner’s farm so that you can get an exceptional flavor. Each of our products is carefully and meticulously assessed by our chef to ensure that it has the best tastes that fit our strict guideline for quality assurance. Without a doubt, our consumers will not only love our savory BBQ, but they will also have an unforgettable experience when eating it. Let BBQ Yummy enliven your party with the aid of its best tasting BBQ